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Chad Tennant, Digital Marketer

Chad is a seasoned digital marketer who uses content, social, email, and other marketing strategies to generate leads and sales. Additionally, his affiliate marketing expertise allows him to scale programs as a marketing manager or agency partner.

Chad creates informational content, including blogs, emails, guides, books, and courses. He covers digital marketing, e-commerce, working online, B2B software, and personal finance topics. Much of his content ranks on page one and is highly visible in search results.

Web design is another interest of Chad's. He's been using WordPress for 10+ years, focusing on site architecture, design, performance, security, and other critical factors to delight users. Furthermore, he enjoys analyzing data and user behavior to improve results.

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I'm a versatile digital marketer with email marketing, CRO, SEO, SEM, Amazon Ads, and PPC experience and results.

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Authentic, comprehensive, and insightful long-form content that helps people learn and act is my specialty. 

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I'm ready to launch, scale, and manage your affiliate program and promote your products/services as an affiliate.

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I focus on delivering excellent user experiences and satisfying people's visual appetites.

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I use ChatGPT, HuggingChat, and other LLMs for digital marketing and e-commerce activities.

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I enjoy managing projects and exceeding goals. Let's achieve win-win outcomes together. 

Top-Rated Business Tools

I love to try new products and services, and I've experimented with many over the years. My curiosity, open-mindedness, and willingness have led me to the top-rated tools I use today.

Discover my favorite tools for digital marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, creators, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. They'll help you increase traffic, generate leads, grow sales, operate a lean business, build relationships, and automate.

LinkedIn Articles

Are you interested in digital marketing, making money online, or e-commerce? Do you want honest advice and high-quality content from someone who isn't peddling B.S. or trying to sell you an expensive course?

Explore my LinkedIn content for insights and strategies. I cover various topics, such as affiliate marketing, online business, conversion rate optimization, e-learning, YouTube, and more.

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